Letter of September 14, 1918

My dear Father and Family:

I have not had a word from you in two weeks.  I have not had an answer from my last letter.  I do hope you are all well.  This leaves us very well.  I have just closed my eighth meeting in eight weeks and have kept up my [?] work.  There seem to have been 44 added to the master [?] in the work I have been connected with and in all there has been added to my churches  thus far from all sources this year 48 people.  I have one more meeting to hold the first of October but I will rest till after presbytery now.   I don’t think I was ever so worn out.  I have refused to help in three meetings for there must be a stopping place or the body will stop of its own wearing out.

I go down to Swan in the morning if the Lord wills and back up to Pigg Chapel in the afternoon.  I have the calls from Norwood and two other churches down in the lower part of North Carolina.  I have not as yet felt a call there.  I do not know what the Lord wants me to do.  I surely want to do his will if I can find that out.  I have written to the Va. field again.  I think I would like to go there, unless it is the will of the Lord for me not to go there.  I think I will have to give up this field because it is so great I am not able to cover it all.

I don’t think my health improves any but it has not had a very good opportunity to do so under the heavy [?] of the last eight weeks.  I still cough some little every morning most and some through the day but not much however.

I did so enjoy being at the old church – Mt. Vernon.  It was the greatest joy of many a day. I also enjoyed being over at Stone River week before last with Mr. Riley.  I preached one afternoon at Milton and another at Cripple Creek.  They gave me two dollars at Milton and about four at Cripple Creek and twenty four at Stone River.  I have [handed?] me this year  in these meetings about $75.00.  This seems to show they have appreciated my efforts.  The Lord is feeding me well but is doing it outside these churches and had I not just as well go on and labor outside of them altogether?  They are now up to the middle of September behind with me $325.00.  I am going to fatten old Bright and sell him I think now and get some smaller horses.

Well I hope to get a letter from you soon.

Yours truly and in Love and tender affection



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