Sarah Elizabeth Griffith Patton (1844-1910)

This letter was written by Rev. Thomas A. Patton when his mother, Sarah Elizabeth Griffith Patton, passed away on November 20, 1910.

“After a day that seemed full of affection and happiness, attending to all her domestic duties, bowing with husband and a son and his family, around the alter of prayer, arising to administer to some temporary affliction of one in the house, retiring for a brief moment to arouse in a ten minute struggle between life and death the sweet spirit of a beloved wife and precious mother was gone.  Oh, is it true?  Thus closed the life in the flesh of Sarah Elizabeth Patton on Sabbath evening, November 20th, 1910.  She was the wife of Johnathan Bradshaw Patton an elder in the old Mount Vernon Presbyterian church in Milton, Tennessee where she was a member from young womanhood.  She was the mother of eight children, Rev. T. A. Patton, Petersburg, Tenn., Mrs. Staily Patton, Watertown, Tenn., and Frank and Willie Patton of Liberty, Tenn.  Four of her children had preceded her to that Better Land, Mary, James Nelson, John A., and an infant.  Half of us Over There and surely the rest of us are coming.

Thanks be unto the Living God for such a blessed place where our jewels are kept until we come!

Christian, wife, Mother and neighbor, were but true windows and doors through which the real soul of this dear woman could be seen and felt.  She took the stranger in and fed the hungry at her door; she arose before day and gave her children bread; she was a ministering angel for nearly forty five years to her husband, sharing his labors, joys and sorrows as only a true wife could.  She came behind in no church duty.  Often the minister went from her home laden with good things and her purse was always open to charity.  Best of all, she loved and trusted her dear Savior who had called her from earthly labors to serve on high.

Dear father and children, she is waiting in safe and blessed keeping for our coming.”

(signed) – One that knew and loved her,

T. A. Patton


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