About the Letters

Pucka writes, “The letters in this file disclose a great deal about the life and character of Thomas Amos Patton and of the hardship endured trying to serve groups of small churches who paid their ministers starvation salaries and seemed to always be behind in paying even the small salaries promised.

“Dad faithfully tithed a tenth of all money received and tried to pay all his debts, which often required borrowing money from the bank.  Dad and Mom (Sally Louisa Turney Patton 1875-1965) were devoted to their large family which took second place only to Dad’s devotion to his Maker.  It appears that Dad did not fully appreciate the tremendous task Mom faced until he had to run the household in Franklin, Kentucky, when Mom had to stay in Florida longer than planned due to Dorothy arriving earlier than they had planned.  Mom had help most of the time when help could be found, but often went for long periods without help and without the benefit of household aids such as washing machines, etc.

Dad had a great respect for the opinion of his father (Jonathan Bradshaw Patton 1844-1920) and tried to write him a full account of his activities at least once a week and urged his father to write once a week in return.  He requested his father give suggestions and criticisms and welcomed all of his comments.  Dad always had uppermost in his mind trying to follow the will of his Master but close behind was trying to raise and educate his children.





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