Pucka’s Explanation of the Letters and Brief Bio of his Father

This is Pucka’s written explanation of how he received the typed letters, along with a brief biography of his father:

“I was in Tennessee in June 1980 and got from Dot (Dorothy Patton) the carbon copies of all the letters that Dad (Rev. Thomas Amos Patton 9/23/1867 – 9/10/1924) had written starting in July 1912 and until his death in 1924.  I also got a copy of a Rutherford County Historical Society publication (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) made in 1976 of the history of the Hopewell Church in Milton, Tennessee.  This publication also gave the history of the Stones River Presbyterian Church and of the Cripple Creek Church.

This publication highly praises Dad’s service to these churches and includes a part of the obituary published in the Christian Observer which says, in part: “Rev. T. A. Patton was born September 23, 1867 and died September 10, 1924.  At age 16 he joined the Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church in Wilson County, Tennessee.  At age 26, he married Sallie Louisa Turney.  There were 10 sons and 2 daughters born, one (1) of the girls died in infancy.

After he was married and several children born he was called to preach the gospel and moved to Clarksville, Tennessee to attend Southwestern University.  He began his ministry in Asheville, North Carolina in September 1901 at Bryson City and Dillsboro.  In 1903, he was called to Milton, Tennessee to a group of churches composed of Milton, Stones River, and Cripple Creek and served until 1908.  He took charge of the Monroe Harding Children’s Home at Nashville, Tennessee, for 10 months.  He returned to the Milton group after his health broke down at the Children’s Home.

In October 1923, he was called to the Watertown, Tennessee group of churches, comprised of Buffalo Valley, Mt. Olivet, Mt. Vernon, and Spring Creek.  He was a happy man, as he was back in the fields of his childhood and young manhood.  His health gave way completely and he died September 10, 1924.”





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